Benefits of doing liquid diet

By | September 7, 2020

benefits of doing liquid diet

Diets consisting of liquids only have been serving their purpose for medical and cleansing reasons for years. In addition to that, you hear people talking about losing weight with the help of liquid fasting. Some say it can bring outstanding results, such as quickly lost weight and detoxed body. Liquid fast means eliminating the intake of any solid food and consuming liquids instead. Liquid fast or a liquid diet is normally prescribed by doctors before certain medical procedures, such as colonoscopies. Liquid fast can also be done for religious reasons, to detox, lose weight, or for its health benefits. Consuming sugary, carbonated drinks technically is allowed, however, not recommended, as it may irritate the stomach and prevent weight loss. It also increased Nitric oxide concentration, which is a known vasodilator, Lack of bioavailable NO leads to arterial stiffness and increases blood pressure. Both, the decreased lipid peroxidation and increased NO concentration, improve cardiovascular health. Apparently, liquid fasting can also improve the immune system.

If food doesn’t become a liquid at room or body temperature, as ice pops would, apply a little extra heat. A full liquid diet helps reduce that risk. Liquid diets are often depicted as a quick fix, a shortcut that gives you dramatic results with little effort. Liquid diets have pros and cons, regardless of your reason for doing them. This may have been due to the lack of variety in their diets. P eople with diabetes are usually allowed to eat about grams of carbs to control their blood sugar. Digestive changes might play an important role in these results, according to a May article in Scientific Reports. View Comments. Because a clear liquid diet can’t provide you with adequate calories and nutrients, it shouldn’t be continued for more than a few days. Talk to a dietitian, who can guide you through the pros and cons based on your goals. The typical goal is around 1, calories per day but can be as low as calories.

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