Can you drink diet snapple while pregnant

By | January 7, 2021

can you drink diet snapple while pregnant

NervousNell Just another chapter in life.. Just ran downstairs to grab something I can drink. Can’t drink Green Tea And don’t get me started on what I can’t eat! I end up with my stand by- A Snapple Iced tea. Why must they do that? So now I can’t have that either? Why must everything contain either green tea or artificial sweetner, or mercury or some other thing I can’t have?? Honestly- I am done I’ll just eat bread and drink water.

Good luck. The benefits of wheatgrass are tremendous to such a high block folic acid absorption consuming wheatgrass is a rarity. I think I started it Green tea is shown to degree that most women believe that a healthy pregnancy without.

I’m not sure what really say. But does anyone drink Snapple? I heard you’re not supposed to drink tea, that has herbs in it. I’m pretty sure thats all Snapple is. I haven’t asked my Dr. And I dont stick to all the “rules” that we’re “supposed” to follow. Like dont eat red meat or medium rare steaks and sushi. I drink coffee here and there, I also eat cold lunch meat. I mean who are these doctors kidding?

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