Can you eat potatoe skins on keto diet

By | October 19, 2020

can you eat potatoe skins on keto diet

Loaded potato skins on a keto diet? Nah, not so much. However, these loaded fauxtatoes skins are sure to satisfy that same flavor profile! I had my first loaded potato skin at TGI Fridays over a decade ago and was immediately hooked. You know, the works! I immediately thought about going the cauliflower route as a replacement for the potatoes. This recipe is painfully simple, but it still delivers on all of the flavors.

But we can remove all. Nah, not so much. I absolutely loved your response.

I sort of want to defy step 4 just to do this. Top each crisp with a tablespoon of sour cream and a sprinkling of green onion. Begin by preheating your oven to F. You know, the works! Superbowl season always reminds me of past parties and of course some of my favorite game day foods. I am making these tonight and as per usual, scrolled through the comments. Garnish with sour cream and scallions or fresh herbs. Add the egg to your cauli-puree and mix well. Bring on the bacon, green onion, cheese and sour cream! How to get the results you want Bake the cauli cups at degrees F for 30 minutes until they dry out and firm up. Comments I was wondering about spreading this out in the air fryer to crisp up and then slice into squares.

PS Love your recipes… still trying my hardest to make every. Notify me of new comments via email. Originally posted Jul 10, Loaded potato skins on a keto diet? Potatoes were a hard thing for me to leave behind. Cool slightly; cut each potato in half lengthwise. Prep Time 5 mins. Fill with cheese and bacon and put back in the oven for 5 minutes or until melted.

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