Diabetes mellitus diet plan chinese

By | January 8, 2021

diabetes mellitus diet plan chinese

Diabetes is a disease where the pancreas does not make enough insulin or the body does not use insulin properly. Search DGM Search for. Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages daily increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Sweet potatoes are also high in fiber and very nutritious which can be boiled or made into dessert with taro and tapioca using artificial sweetener. Title: Insulin and diabetes Summary: This translated resource provides information about the role of insulin in the management of diabetes. Choose traditional food dishes that are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and low in fat. Exporting diabetes mellitus to Asia: the impact of Western-style fast food. Who has a higher risk of diabetes? Title: Live well with type 2 diabetes Summary: This translated brochure for people with diabetes gives advice on managing type 2 diabetes by providing brief information on blood glucose levels, weight, food, and the importance of checking kidneys, eyes and feet. High blood glucose or high blood sugar can lead to heart, kidney, vision and blood vessel problems. Having these genes increases your risk of diabetes.

It also covers issues with lowering intake of liquids, what a person should do diet how it can be treated. Chinese Intern Med. Higher intake of diabetes fats has been associated with weight gain, increased cardiovascular risk, and plan resistance. Unfortunately, current Asian diets have white rice as a main staple. Diabetes Care. Add a wedge of lemon for mellitus. Daibetes can you stay healthy and still enjoy Chinese food? Nat Rev Endocrinol.

Plan diabetes mellitus chinese diet

We are regularly reviewing our collection and improving your experience of the directory. We rely on your contributions. If you are aware of a multilingual health resource, produced in Australia, please register it here or let us know. Help us improve the Health Translations Directory by taking our brief online survey. It will only take a few minutes. Topic “Diabetes” in Chinese simplified – total 29 documents Title: Blood glucose monitoring Summary: This translated fact sheet provides an overview of monitoring blood glucose levels BGLs for people with diabetes. Emphasising that self-blood glucose monitoring is a valuable diabetes management tool, this fact sheet explains why it is so important, what individuals should aim for and also some general guidelines amongst other valuable information. Title: Blood glucose monitoring fact sheet Summary: Regular monitoring can help you see the effects of food, exercise, medication and illness on your blood glucose levels. It can also help you identify any patterns or changes that you should discuss with your doctor or diabetes health professionals.

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