Diet cheat day good or bad

By | March 29, 2021

diet cheat day good or bad

Categorizing foods as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, sets us up for moral highs and lows that should never be associated with eating. I can back this up with my own clinical experience over the years and confidently surmise that if disordered eating is not already present in those with regular cheat days, it is often a gateway to more disordered eating behaviors. As a dietitian who often works with clients on healing their relationships with food and their bodies, a common step is to eschew the cheat day. Not only can this help you start to have a more food-neutral mindset, but it can help take away the guilt often associated with cheat days or meals and the yo-yo diet cycle that might follow. Instead of cheat meals or a cheat day, try these three strategies, which can help foster a positive relationship with food. Since many people plan cheat days on a weekend, this could be having a cupcake or a burger and fries on a Tuesday, for example. This often results in less overeating, less guilt and a naturally balanced diet. Our bodies have a unique and specialized way of telling us what we need, we just have to be better listeners. Cue persistent thoughts about food, low-level hunger and crankiness until you eat something else. Honoring the burger craving and taking the time to eat mindfully and really savor it, can lead to much greater satisfaction after the meal and free up a good amount of brain space to think about more important things than food.

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