Diet plan for triathlon

By | August 14, 2020

diet plan for triathlon

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A 3-Day Meal Plan for Triathletes. Triathletes are busy people. It isn’t easy training for one sport, and these athletes have three disciplines to tackle. Actually, make that four as most consider nutrition to be the fourth component of the swim-bike-run. While attention might be paid to what is consumed to fuel the individual training performances, too often normal meals and snacks gets overlooked. Nailing nutrition day to day is crucial to staying healthy and performing well in the long term. Triathletes have the unique complication of multiple training sessions a day, sometimes back to back and other times separated by hours, which makes frequent small meals more appropriate for meeting nutrition timing needs. For these athletes, meal prep and planning can be especially helpful in maintaining healthful eating that meets energy demands. Remember that how much you eat depends on the duration of your training, your body weight, your body composition goals, your performance goals and many other considerations. To get a more dialed in and individualized plan, work with a sports dietitian. More Triathlon Articles.

Swim, bike, run, and repeat. Seems simple, right? You have to dial your nutrition in from the get-go. But just like you need the right training plan to dominate the race, you also need the right fuel to power you through. So we asked the experts for their best advice and put together a step-by-step nutrition guide that will bring your tri-performance to the next level. Eat Real, Not Processed Forget frozen pizzas and energy drinks. Processed foods contain all sorts of funky ingredients that can cause inflammation throughout your body, slowing your recovery time and weakening your immune system, Mueller says. Since scrapping all processed foods is easier said than done, start small. At the grocery store, Mueller suggest skimming food labels before you hit the check out.

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