Is diet coke kosher for passover

By | July 19, 2020

is diet coke kosher for passover

Is it OK to drink soda on Passover? Well, it depends. Soda is basically water and sugar with additional usually artificial flavorings added. There are two concerns however. One is the general issue of processed foods, which are produced in factories with equipment that may be used for hametz products. As a result, many traditionally observant Jews will only consume processed food on Passover that is explicitly labeled kosher for Passover. The other issue is the sweetener.

Coke and Pepsi products are normally made with high fructose corn syrup. But, if you look carefully around this time of year, you can find them made with real sugar. That makes regular pop such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi a no-no. In the case of Coke, a yellow cap on 2-liter bottles — instead of red — is the sign to look for. The products are made under the supervision of a rabbi. Averaging just three hours of sleep a day, King loves his job analyzing ‘America’s signature event’. Election Day stretched into election week, and student journalists covered it all while juggling schoolwork and working remotely. At fault: Off-the-mark polling, a voting population that defies prediction and transparency around vote calling rendered opaque by wonkiness. So should the media ignore them? Or are his attempts to weaken democracy newsworthy? Celebrate Journalism with Us. Login Register.

S tarting when Passover begins on Friday night, Jews who are keeping kosher for the holiday must forgo foods with wheat, corn and other grains for the eight-day festival, severely restricting their diet. But one luxury is not out of reach: Coca-Cola. The Atlanta-based soda maker provides a kosher-for-Passover version of its mainstay cola, identifiable by its yellow cap. Unlike most commercial sodas in the U. Hipsters and observant Jews alike are largely indebted to the efforts of one Orthodox rabbi eight decades ago. Before the holiday rolled around in , responding to popular demand, he investigated the ingredients of the soft drink.

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