Low fat diets harm the brain

By | January 5, 2021

low fat diets harm the brain

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Researchers found that one bad dietary fat in particular—saturated fat, found in foods such as red meat and butter—may be especially harmful to your brain. Compared with those who consumed the least amount of saturated fat, “women who had the highest consumption of saturated fat had the worst memory and cognition over time,” says Dr. Olivia Okereke, lead author of the study and assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Researchers analyzed food surveys of over 6, older women and the results of their cognitive testing over time. Total fat intake didn’t seem to affect women’s brain function, but the type of fat did. Women with the most saturated fat in their diets performed worst; women with the most monounsaturated fat in their diets—from foods such as olive oil, nuts, or avocado—performed best. Trans fat and total polyunsaturated fat did not appear to have any effect on cognitive function. Okereke says we don’t know precisely how fats affect cognition biologically, but it may be similar to the way different fats affect heart health. Saturated fat is believed to cause inflammation and artery damage. Monounsaturated fat may lower inflammation levels.

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DHA supplementation alone or in combination with other nutrients does not modulate cerebral hemodynamics or cognitive function in healthy older adults. Clarkson J. Remarkably, intestinal OEA infusion can revert and normalize DA signaling, and exogenous OEA infusion also appears to reestablish the OEA-mediated anorexigenic effects but only in mice fed with a low-fat diet [ ] that increased the intake of a lipid emulsion in parallel with the increase of striatal DA signaling of rewarding food. Plourde M. January 6, What do you have for breakfast? Viggiano A. Omega-3 fatty acids and brain resistance to ageing and stress: body of evidence and possible mechanisms. Getting enough sleep every day is essential to brain function.

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