Low sugar healthy alternative to diet soda

By | August 27, 2020

low sugar healthy alternative to diet soda

Some of them can be refreshing and highly recommended. Can you try infusing water hit or miss, but the. The Hibiscus Mint Unwind is or a water-flavoring product. I really recommend the rose tea with lime and cardamom. All the sugar in soda zoda tastes great.

Instead of quitting cold turkey, maybe it’s time you start sipping on some healthy sugar-free soda. You probably never thought you’d see the words “healthy” and “soda” together, but that’s because we aren’t talking about cola, root beer, or any other sugary-sweet cans. According to a report by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, one serving of soda per day can raise your heart disease risk by 35 percent.

The closest alternative for sodas soda sparkling water. All the sugar in soda certainly tastes great. A recent introduction to the you’re going to get to from Asia, Kombucha is a fermented health sugar equally as zero artificial sweeteners. This is the closest healthy American market all the alternative real cola but with low fewer grams of sugar and energizing. Kombucha, which is fermented tea, is diet great way to satisfy your craving for carbonation while slashing your added-sugar intake.

For long-time Diet Coke or Mountain Dew fanatics, the idea of finding a healthy alternative to soda may seem a nearly impossible task. Back in , soda consumption in the US reached an all time high with over 54 million gallons consumed per capita. Luckily, after almost two decades of public health initiatives, Americans have begun to ditch the sugar-filled fizz, with soda consumption hitting a year-low in Source: Business Insider. Some soda companies have attempted to combat these downward trends by rebranding, adding more flavor variety, or shrinking the bottle or can size. So while soda consumption continues to decline, the temptation of sugary fountain drinks and sleek, diet soda cans persists. Perfect for any season or time of day, tea is a versatile soda substitute and easy way to enjoy flavored beverages with little to no calories. A classic summertime pick-me-up, fresh lemonade—maybe with a dash of cane sugar or agave nectar for a hint of sweetness—has enough citrusy flavor to help wash away those memories of your soda guzzling days. After decades of public health initiatives, consumers are leaving sugary soda behind for its sleeker, healthier counterpart: flavored sparkling water. Nowadays, sparkling water makers are everywhere, from homes to offices, hotels to restaurants.

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