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Can diet cause bumps in rabbits

If your pet develops a lump anywhere on its body, it is very important to have this examined by a vet as soon as possible. All of this information alongside examination of the pet will enable the vet to determine what may be the likely cause of the lump. Whilst all of the above are… Read More »

Diet related cause of low blood pressure

Pressure between alcoholic beverage consumption and incidence of coronary heart disease in whites and blacks: low Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study. Kaufmann, Related. Low blood pressure that either doesn’t cause signs or diet or ,ow only mild symptoms rarely requires treatment. Magnesium: novel applications in cardiovascular disease—a review of the literature. Support stockings Erlated stockings,… Read More »

Why does questran cause weight loss

Has anyone else had this problem? Local pharmacies are indicating their suppliers are back-ordering requests for that manufacturer and are filling requests, instead, from other manufacturers. I was out driving all day, and scared constantly of not being able to find a loo quickly after being caught short on a number of occasions. Tried once… Read More »