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What is the high fat diet

Add it to your smoothies, breakfast, salads or curries. News 22 articles. Side effects. It is much lower in sugar and saturated fat, which makes it a good dairy product to consume in bigger portions. Essentially, as you increase the percentage of your diet from dietary fat your total calorie intake goes up, not down.… Read More »

Plant based diet high in

Benefits of Plant-Based Diets The goal of our diet should be to improve our health. National Institutes of Health. Mediterranean diet, traditional risk factors, and the rate of cardiovascular complications after myocardial infarction: final report of the Lyon Diet Heart Study. The presented case is a dramatic example of the effect a plant-based diet can… Read More »

Atkins diet and high cholesterol

When referring to low-carb diets, most people only think of them in terms of weight loss. While this is certainly a key aim, low-carb eating also offers other benefits in the way your body burns fat and manages blood sugar glucose levels. This also includes the way in which a carbohydrate-restricted diet can positively influence… Read More »