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ADVERTORIAL: ‘People might think working at a hospice is all about death – but it’s not’

Sophie hopes by sharing her story, she will encourage more registered nurses to get in touch to find out more about the benefits of pursuing a career with Sue Ryder, who are experts in palliative care, and currently has vacancies across a number of its hospices. “A lot of people might think working at a… Read More »

Yoga is Not What You Think It is! On International Day of Yoga 2021, Embrace The Practice For What It Really Is

“Yoga? That’s for older people.” That was my reaction when someone first asked me to try Yoga for not just getting healthier but my overall well-being. Little did I realise that I would go on to endorse the practice in a few years to follow. As we celebrate International Yoga Day 2021, I know for… Read More »

What do doctors think about the paleo diet

The Medical Journal of Australia wrote that any strong conclusions about the long-term health benefits of the paleo diet were difficult to make. Fortification and enrichment technologies have enabled us to get the nutrients we need without even thinking about it. So why ban whole-grains? Recommendations vary among commercial paleo diets, and some diet plans… Read More »