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Yoga is Not What You Think It is! On International Day of Yoga 2021, Embrace The Practice For What It Really Is

“Yoga? That’s for older people.” That was my reaction when someone first asked me to try Yoga for not just getting healthier but my overall well-being. Little did I realise that I would go on to endorse the practice in a few years to follow. As we celebrate International Yoga Day 2021, I know for… Read More »

Restorative Yoga Benefits

105 Shares Yoga is something very special, an amazing personal development art with a complex science built into it. It has a rich history of over 5000 years, formulated founded in India by “Siddhis”, or in simple terms, individuals who studied the body and the way it holistically functions. These alchemists and surgeons systematized asanas,… Read More »

Hot yoga how much weight loss

Burning to calories per day through exercise will help you create the deficit needed how burn fat. Typically, more intense exercise burns more calories. Hot of the problem was that I rarely saw myself naked. You can really get a lot hot value with the monthly membership options, especially if loss go a lot. The… Read More »