Warrior diet for vegans

By | December 31, 2020

warrior diet for vegans

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For warrior vegans diet

A chosen lifestyle and not a simple weight-loss plan, the Warrior Diet flies in the face of all accepted thoughts on diet and nutrition 2. Holfmelker used his own personal experiences to craft a unique eating plan based on instinctual beliefs and the natural eating habits of predators and ancient hunters. Individuals on the Warrior Diet forsake the accepted approach of six small meals each day in favor of only one large meal eaten at night 2. Because of its simple approach, the Warrior Diet allows for easy customization, making it suitable for even strict vegans who avoid meat and all animal products 2. While his artwork has been featured in magazines around the world, Hofmekler has dedicated much of his life to studying diet and nutrition, inspiring him to create the Warrior Diet as a way to dispel common fallacies and help others achieve their health and fitness goals 2. Hofmelker published the “Warrior Diet” book in and continues to try and revolutionize the way people think about weight loss and fitness 2. The Warrior Diet calls for little to no food eaten during the day, forcing the body to call on its nutritional reserves to sustain daily activities 2. All exercise and training should be done during this period of daily fasting, prompting the body to burn excess fat.

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