Who owns diet rite cola

By | October 23, 2020

who owns diet rite cola

RC Cola may not have been the first cola on the market, but it certainly has a long history of trials, tribulations — and innovations. Hatcher, wanted to create and bottle drinks for his family’s grocery store. He named his new line of drinks Royal Crown. But the beginnings of the company were actually spurred by a disagreement concerning the reigning king of soft drinks also based in Georgia, Coca-Cola. According to Encyclopedia. The business took off so briskly that the Hatchers soon found themselves as soda manufacturers. The family established Union Bottling Works, later renamed Chero-Cola Company, to sell its hit product, and by had grown to supply soda syrups to franchised plants for bottling via New Georgia Encyclopedia. During World War I, the company even started up its own sugar refinery to meet demand during rationing. Unfortunately, Coca-Cola was none too pleased with the “Cola” designation in its name and sued the company, claiming that it owned the term. Mental Floss reports that Hatcher fought the lawsuit for years as he grew his own business, but in , a judge sided with Coca-Cola, forcing a name change to just “Chero,” which negatively impacted sales. The cola was discontinued as Hatcher instead developed a fruity soda called Nehi, which led to another company name change, to the Nehi Corporation, in via New Georgia Encyclopedia.

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